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Unveiling the Future of Web3 Audience Analytics and Marketing: Insights from our Near Protocol AMA

8 September, 2023

AddZest is on a mission to revolutionize companies' understanding and interactions with web3 audiences. In an AMA session hosted by Near Foundation, Cofounders Elliot Garreffa (CEO) and Vincent McLeese (CPO) highlighted the importance of creating unified profiles if web3 is ever to live up to its full potential, and delved into AddZest's unique approach, successful campaigns, numerous partnerships, and the future of web3 analytics and marketing.


The Problem: Understanding your web3 Audience

Companies face unique challenges in understanding their web3 audience. It is a highly dynamic environment characterized by a richness of data that is scattered and extremely fragmented. We see wallets playing an ever-increasing role in the future of the internet, but also recognize the need to bridge the gap between web2 and web3 data in the interim.

Web2 data is well-documented and highly available; the infrastructure has existed for decades. However, we're at a turning point in the history of the internet where data is in flux and hard to understand: the tools for audience comprehension simply don't exist for web3, as no company knows how to gather disparate data points into a unified persona. Just think of the number of wallets that web3 users maintain at any given moment: perhaps a couple for larger holdings, some created on a whim or for specific purposes (from holding art NFTs to interacting with DeFi protocols), and then odd one just to collect a POAP or two.

The AddZest Approach: Data-Driven Personalization

We operate on the cutting edge of data aggregation for better understanding of your audience. And once you have that data, we put it to work by creating a more personalized and effective marketing experience. By combining on-chain data with web2 data, we create comprehensive user profiles that enable personalized campaigns from the very first interaction, a breakthrough in online marketing. This approach enables us to cater to a broader user base and make targeted decisions based on data, ultimately enhancing user engagement and conversion.

Successful Campaigns and Strategic Partnerships

In the AMA, our team discussed examples of successful campaigns, particularly in collaboration with NFT marketplaces and their whitelabel relatives. We've seen how personalization through product recommendations based on wallet data and transaction history has proven highly effective, boosting user engagement and conversion rates. Additionally, we are forging partnerships with industry giants (you’ll have to await our official announcements to know more), where we serve as the analytical and personalization backbone of go-to-market strategies. This strategic positioning extends the reach of our solutions.

Future of Web3 Marketing: Trends and Challenges

We foresee a promising future for web3 marketing. While acknowledging the evolving nature of this space, it is critical to perform analytics and understand customer data if you are to succeed in web3, especially in an as dynamic space as this. We're looking for a future where decisions in web3 customer engagement aren't just a shot in the dark – rather, we're building a future with enhanced web3 user experience at the forefront, so that web3 can live up to its full, ambitious, potential. We won't settle for less.

In the AMA, Elliot & Vincent discussed how there is a growing demand for marketing tools that can provide the best insights about customers, enabling intelligent and personalized campaigns. Web3 data is unique for its richness, and transparency, but also its fragmented nature. In a fragmented wallet landscape, the real value will come from maintaining a unified user experience.

AddZest's Path Forward

We've spoken to over 100 builders in the space (read more on that here) who have given us a holistic understanding of that the market needs. We're gearing up for some exciting launches, including a direct-to-customer offering that allows free access to analytics, paving the way for businesses to run plug & play marketing campaigns. Throughout our product development, we've seen how important it is to be flexible in our offering, and ensure that even our freemium offering provides our customers with loads of value from the word go.

In the AMA, Elliot highlighted the extreme need for creating unified profiles in web3, and how WaaS companies are an essential part of onboarding the next billion users. However, they are creating a fragmented data landscape. This tension creates a golden opportunity (read more about Elliot's thoughts on this topic here).

Powered by the strongest foundation of data on web3 users on the market, we’re leveraging unique metrics to host innovative campaign strategies, such as positioning crypto payment methods based on a user's wallet balance. The vision extends to integrations, white-labeling, and integrating with ecommerce builders to seamlessly offer analytics to store owners. Truly, the only limit is imagination once you have the data that can serve as a launchpad.

Insights for Blockchain Project Founders and User Data Privacy

We concluded our AMA with valuable advice for blockchain project founders. We’ve found that testing, learning, and direct customer engagement are essential practices for success, while attending conferences and networking within the blockchain community are a surefire way to stay informed and connected.

We remain as committed to user data privacy as ever, ensuring data collection only with user awareness. This is essential; not establishing the highest standards around privacy is a guaranteed way of not building for the future. As an incentivization layer, we are exploring on-chain features that can reward users for unlocking their data to provide them with the best experience in the most compliant manner possible.

We Couldn't do it Without You

In closing, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Near Foundation for facilitating this AMA session in their Discord (you can join this vibrant community here). We were able to share our vision for a bright future for web3, where data-driven processes and personalization take center stage, and AddZest stands as a beacon guiding businesses toward success in this dynamic landscape.

To stay updated on the latest developments in web3 marketing and AddZest's innovative solutions, keep an eye on our blog, and our X and Linkedin pages.

The future of audience understanding and web3 marketing is evolving rapidly, and at AddZest we’re proud to be trailblazers in this exciting new frontier.


AddZest is the missing tool for companies to understand and engage their growing web3 user base. By simply adding one line of tracking code to websites, Addzest will detect any user with any wallet, unlock the terabytes of data inside these wallets, and turn them into actionable insights. As a result, AddZest makes running data-driven personalized campaigns on your web3 users easy.

Can't wait to understand and segment your audience for free? Join our waitlist for access to the exclusive Beta.



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